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Volta Educational Renaissance Foundation (VEReF) is a private voluntary organisation devoted to championing increasing access to total quality education in West Africa with the view to promote a peaceful, prosperous, just, open and honest society. VEReF supports programmes in Ghana and other West African countries that seek to advance quality social life and peaceful co-existence through improved formal and informal education, good character formation and moral upbringing. The Foundation is committed to an educational system that does not only focus on numeracy, literacy, and vocational skills training, but more importantly, also using education to promote morality as is expected to reflect in high ethical values such as truth and honesty, respect for authority, law and order as well as good governance and leadership. As a hallmark, the Foundation is committed to assisting in designing and financing sustainable educational projects that are economically beneficial, financially and commercially sound, and environmentally and socially sustainable in West Africa. Besides total quality education, VEReF is also committed to programmes aimed at promoting good health and nutrition; human rights, democracy and governance; gender, social integration and empowerment; and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).
Contribute to sustainable development of West Africa through research, policy initiative and advocacy for inclusive participation and total quality education.

VEReF envisions a world of hope, peace, understanding, tolerance, mutual trust and social justice and in which everyone can lead responsible, dignified, healthy and secure lives.

Passion Individually and collectively, we commit to our mission by working to advance human dignity and inclusivity for accelerated sustainable development of West Africa

Integrity We conform to the highest moral and ethical standards by upholding religiously, the principles of fairness, honesty, accountability, and transparency in everything we do.

Excellence We pay attention to details, accuracy and scholarship to arrive at the most reliable results for the greatest positive impact.

Responsibility We care and protect the interest and the rights of the society, the generation yet unborn, our employees, stakeholders, collaborators, communities, and the natural environment.

Partnership We value working together with others strategically to solve the human problems of this world through diversity and innovative practices for timely and the most efficient results.


Objectives Among other things, the core objectives of VEReF are:
Conduct regular policy-relevant educational and social research in order to examine the scope, incidence, implications and impact of education, morality and character formation on socioeconomic progress.

Provide increased access to all levels of education including non-formal education, contribute to Education for All with emphasis on building a good society where immoral and unethical behaviour viz. drug abuse, corruption, robbery, prostitution, falsehood, ethnic conflicts, acrimony and animosity are seen as negative tendencies that lead to backwardness, ethnic tension and underdevelopment.

Support programmes and initiatives aimed at improving access to affordable quality healthcare and nutrition and halting the spread of preventable diseases including diabetes with focus on Type-1, HIV&AIDS, TB, malaria, diarrhoea and mental health and emotional wellness

Promote progressive universal access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and services for pro-poor and needy communities through effective community mobilisation to address harmful environmental practices, hygiene promotion, and delivery of WASH products and services on sustainable and equitable basis

Engage rural, remote, hard-to-reach communities and marginalised and socially excluded groups in dialogue on participatory democracy and socially accountable local governance

Mobilise, educate, and build the employable skills and entrepreneurial capacity of the vulnerable, marginalised, and the economically disadvantaged for sustainable poverty reduction, gender equality and integration, youth development and empowerment through Self-Help Groups and Associations involving less educated vulnerable out-of-school adolescents, rural women and persons living with disabilities.

Volta Educational Renaissance Foundation (VEReF)
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Website: www.veref.org

VEReF is a registered and certified private voluntary organisation:
Ghana, The Gambia, Togo

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